All This Can Be Yours

Thanks to everyone who came to the online show at Arden Gild Hall! Sometimes I miss playing so much. And sometimes…

I’m walking through a town where there’s a festival. It’s warm and sunny. No makeup on but I think that’s probably good, only the people I want to see will see me. I notice a guy crouched on a curb, hanging out with some other people, and realize it’s my guitar player friend Steve. He looks so cool—sunglasses, denim jacket, great boots. I try  to wait until the other people move on to go over and say hi.

After we catch up for a minute, I walk along and enter a sort of warehouse building and a guy in the corner says “You must be one of the artists—you probably need one of these” and he hands me a laminate and a canvas bag of swag: stickers and beer coozies and bottle openers. “You’re gonna have a great time,” he says. Then he tells me I’m playing in front of a bar on the main street in town.

“Wait, what do you mean?” I ask. “Are the gigs all staggered?”

He looks at me blankly.

“Well,” I continue, “If there’s a loud band from Cleveland (I don’t know why I say Cleveland, it’s just the first city that pops into my head) playing at the same time outside the bar across the street, how will anyone hear me?”

“Wow—you just want everything, don’t you?” the guy says. “No, they’re not staggered. Everyone just plays—that’s what creates the atmosphere of music. If you don’t like it, don’t play.”

“Well…FUCK YOU,” I say. He looks shocked. I smile. “Just kidding, buddy. I know you’re only doing your job. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be great.” I walk off in a bouncy way, smiling and seething. Where’s Steve playing, I wonder. Does he know about this bullshit? How many more years do we have to put up with this crap?

Then I wake up.

Back in another decade, in what feels like another life…

14 thoughts on “All This Can Be Yours

  1. happymedium27

    LOL! When I finally retire and move back to Cleveland, we’re gonna have you and Eric come for a visit and we will show you such a good time it will never get mentioned or appear in another nightmare ever again! 😉🥃💥🍕⚾️🎸❤️🎶

    1. amyrigby

      Ha ha! Sorry John – in the depths of the dream I remember thinking “this is not against Cleveland, only imagining how a good loud band would be from there”! I am fond of the place, honest – but it would be fun to hang out there with you guys some day.


    It’s funny how our dreams/nightmares are so particular to our profession. I teach collage drawing and in my nightmares the students are always not listening and the still life will never stay on the table…

      1. Robert Nesbitt

        This is why a got sick of “Fests”.
        Loud noise.
        and stupid dreams.

        …oh yeah, and fist-fights with stupid ‘sound engineers’ is getting pretty old.
        As my mom always said, “Someone has to graduate at the Bottom of the class.”

  3. Jack Hill

    Amy, Beware, our weather is coming for you! We have 10” or so. As you might know, we have most winters with one or so inches of snow, if that. Anyone with any sense is not even getting out. Despite what they would have you think, the mail is not going through… We liked your show and tried to pay our cover charge at the door, but no one was on duty. We had to buy a new MacBook Pro a month ago, and “new” and “improved” means they did away with the cd/dvd slot, which I think was also where we were going to insert a $30 bill for you. We can pay you when you do your next gig in AR…maybe find some merchandise…we could use a hoodie that says “I Stole This From Amy Rigby” or some such… Did you do your show in Delaware in honor of the new president? Do you know David Bromberg? I wonder if he plays there or lives nearby. You should see the documentary on his life and times. We saw him on the 2016 Cayamo cruise we went on. Amazing guy…


    1. amyrigby

      So you snuck in through the kitchen door I left open for you Jack? When we set up the show there was no guarantee, only hope that we’d have a new president and I’m glad that came true! I don’t know David Bromberg but he played an online show from the Arden Gild Hall last year.

      Take care and stay warm.

    1. amyrigby

      I like that, Don! Though it makes me think of an already existing song from A Star Is Born (1976 version) that Babs sings:” I just want everything, every-thing.” Maybe an updated version where everything is…not much at all.

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