Take Me With You When You Go

Hello, it’s me.

Does anyone remember – me? That old bag, who used to regale you with tales of the road or, more often, what it’s like being stuck in a garage with an army of bicycles, a load of wood offcuts, empty guitar cases and wicker lawn furniture that takes up a lot of room, serves no purpose, but is impossible to throw away?

I know, I get it – times change. Old stalwarts like me, and wicker, outlive our usefulness. Things move on. Tom Petty’s gone. And yet. The world needs witnesses. The doers need those of us who notice the being done. It helps if we can lend a practical hand along the way, and I think I’ve managed that well. Without leaving indentations on people’s thighs, that I know of.

Which is why I found myself giddy with excitement when I heard the Ms. and the Mr. firing up the touring machine. Surely, I thought – but I leaned up against a wall smoking a cigarette when I thought it, just so, y’know, it wouldn’t look like I cared or anything – surely, somebody needs a bag again? An aide de camp, a trusted friend, a hold-all…I threw my nylon shoulders back, put a brave smile on my face…and waited.

February and March passed. They were gone without me. April, he left and I sat sentry while she shifted boxes around and mailed out records. I heard them explaining to people excitedly that they’d released new solo albums and would be on their own separate tours and – I worried. In my world, they belong together. Oh it wasn’t them I was concerned about. They’d be fine, I mean they were doing this thing on their respective lonesomes for years before they got together. My fears were selfish: namely, who would get custody of yours truly?

I pictured them each on their individual trajectories: he in road warrior mode, burning down city after city, she taking a lighter approach, or maybe she just wasn’t as successful at booking herself.  Whatever, her dates had gaps, but she swore those would be filled with writing and what she calls research but I’ve come to learn involves smoked meat, grapes, sporty activities or lurking around bookstores. Either way, they’d be criss-crossing at least a part of the globe, and surely one of them would take me along as part of the journey.

Maybe they had hammered out a plan already, deep in the night or at one of those coffee places they keep in business when they’re home. I could see the rota: two weeks in the Subaru with her, maybe a trip to Blighty with him (I’m not sure why it’s called Blighty – I intend to find out. Bags don’t use the internet so, the only way to get answers is to go there. I hope he can see that.) All these possibilities…

Which is where I find myself this morning. I see their cars sitting in the driveway. She’s  Ohio-bound, and he has a NYC show tonight and then the UK. See, I know what’s what. I could recite both of their itineraries from memory. They need me – together; separately. They. need. me.

And I don’t know who I am without them both.

Did I fall asleep? I heard an engine, and wheels. Twice.

Hey, where did everybody go? Anybody?

hello goodbye show

Amy Rigby on tour

  • Thu May 3   Cleveland OH   Beachland Tavern (w/Johnny Dowd) tickets
  • Fri May 4    Rochester NY    Bop Shop Records 8 PM
  • Sat May 5    Columbus OH   Hogan House Concerts  tickets
  • Sun May 6   Cincinnati OH  Northside Tavern (w/Mark Messerley & Chuck Cleaver)
  • Wed May 9  Knoxville TN    WDVX Blue Plate Special at noon/Sweet P’s BBQ  6:30 PM
  • Sat May 12  Nashville TN     Dee’s Lounge 8 PM
  • Tue May 15 Nashville TN     Bluebird Cafe (w/RB Morris, Bob Woodruff, Jon Byrd) tix
  • Thu Jun 7    Catskill NY         HiLo
  • Sat Jun 16    Ojai CA               Rain Perry’s house concert
  • Sun Jun 17   L.A. CA               Wild Honey Backyard Concert (w/7 Deadly 5) tickets
  • Thu Jun 21  San Fran CA       Hemlock Tavern
  • Fri Jun 22    Chico CA             house concert
  • Sun Jun 24  Santa Cruz CA   Michael’s on Main  2 PM show tickets

Wreckless Eric dates too many to list! Find them here


12 thoughts on “Take Me With You When You Go

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know about the bag, but the world surely does need witnesses of lots of things forgotten. Tennessee does seem close to NC!

    1. amyrigby

      I know – and there is a chance I will play in Chapel Hill on Thu May 17, hoping to put that in today even though it’s kinda late notice.

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