Twentieth Anniversary

I usually resist going full-on self-promotion here on my blog (even though it can’t help but creep in regularly) but I have to go for it this time as I really want anyone out there in range of my upcoming shows to know about them. It’s been ten years since I did a solo tour and my head is spinning with fear and excitement. Still booking/trying to make a few more things fit/convince this club or that promoter but this is the general shape of things for now. Yep, I still have the coat…


6 thoughts on “Twentieth Anniversary

    1. amyrigby

      Not at all, I should’ve mentioned – it is Grand Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The photographer Ted Barron was my downstairs neighbor on the street in the 90s, and on a whim we went back a few weeks ago to do the same shot (only it was 99 degrees this time!) That neighborhood is almost unrecognizable from how it was, so much development, but this particular street hasn’t changed that much.

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