Life’s Balance Sheet

+ I love the new (to me) Subaru. I’m really looking forward to driving it to Nashville.

– The car needs a new head gasket.

+At least it was already at the garage when I found that out, and not on the side of the road somewhere.

– I was supposed to drop Eric off at JFK, spend the night at my brother’s in Manhattan and knock a few hours off the drive down south, but the car wasn’t ready yet.

+ The car would be ready Wednesday.

– It’s an expensive repair.

+ Eric has a few weeks of shows in Belgium.

+ There’s a great Subaru mechanic in Catskill, and he says once this repair is done, the car will be in great shape.

– They’ll probably tell us they don’t want our business again because I was such a pain about trying to get the car in time to leave for the airport and ended up practically crying and shrieking on the phone with the mechanic’s wife.

+I called her back and apologized in a phony calm voice and told her everything was fine and “We’ll just rent a car today, no problem! See you tomorrow, thanks so much!”

– This election is becoming real. I’m worried. On the trip to drop Eric off at the airport I drove past Donald J. Trump State Park, Trump Links and Trump Pavilion. I don’t want to live in a tacky oligarchy.

+I have the right to vote. Every vote counts.

+I still have my French residence card, just in case.

-I don’t want to live in France, I want to live here.

+ I’m playing at the Bluebird in Nashville on Friday with my old friend Bill Lloyd, and David Mead and Andrea Zonn. I may play my songs sitting in a chair that Roger Miller once sat in. It’s an honor and privilege to be part of the songwriting community.

+ Yesterday I received a quarterly song publishing statement via email and “Direct Deposit Credited To Your Account”. Great! I could use some money for my trip to Nashville.

-Grand total of songwriting royalties payment credited to my account: three dollars.

+ I could always use another cup of coffee on the road.

+The Bluebird show is sold out.

+The Subaru is ready.

+I’m going to Nashville.


6 thoughts on “Life’s Balance Sheet

    1. amyrigby

      Been wanting to start coming here again since I was here in July…The Bluebird show and maybe I’ll even write something with one of my old co-writing buddies! And I might have to go back to the Hall of Fame to see the Sam Phillips exhibit.

      I hope to come to Chicago to play in the fall. It’s the 20th anniversary of Mod Housewife and I’m pressing it on vinyl for the first time. Hope you get an early spring!

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