It’s Just Lunch

They say meeting for coffee is a good way to check somebody out, decide if you’ve got a future together so we started with that.

It didn’t go so great. First impressions told me you weren’t really my style, a little prissy, old-fashioned even, but you’d obviously taken great care with your appearance, spent a lot of time getting ready, so I felt I owed you a fair shot.

Things were stilted. Painfully awkward. And your taste in music – gah. I figured we’d just leave it at the once.

But it’s a small town here, and the talent pool is shallow. I passed you on Main Street a few times, wondered how things were going. Somebody I know mentioned you the other day, talked about how great you were.  I thought maybe it was worth one more try. I checked and you were open to it. So, lunch.

We didn’t even get to the main course and I knew this wasn’t happening. My mind was open, your intentions were good but, I couldn’t find anything to like. In fact, my indifference from the first date was turning to downright irritation.  Why couldn’t you just be – what I want? Better. Brighter, hipper, not having to try so hard?

I know I’m no more important to you than the next guy, but we could’ve been a thing. I could be so good for you – loyal, generous. I would’ve been proud to tell the whole world what I’d found with you.

I need something in my life, I admit it. Not some fantasy deal – I don’t want that kind of pressure. No airs and graces, just a go-to, day-in-day-out relationship.

And comfortable enough to take a break when we need it. There’s others over the river, fancy city types even. But I wanted to keep it local, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do these days?

Well, screw it, I tried. But frankly, you suck. I know you hardly know me, and you seem to be doing fine without me in your life. But this is it – you won’t see me again.

Local cafe, I’m breaking up with you.

12 thoughts on “It’s Just Lunch

    1. amyrigby

      Was remembering the days when there were only two coffee places in Nashville, and if you fell out with one, that put way too much pressure on the other. Now there are dozens! So things do change. And there are good places a short drive away, it’s just a dream to be able to walk somewhere good (but that’s city living, not country living I guess)

  1. dinahmow

    I know the pitfalls of small town relationships. The slightly sleazy feeling of tart-about-town when you switch from one to another again and again. And now politics is creeping in ! The coffee was drinkable, but the owner has a vote for *** poster in the window. And *** is dangerous gun nut.

    So it’s back to espresso in my kitchen!

    1. amyrigby

      Oh, that does sound hard! Small town life is a constant balancing act/bob and weave, different from the stresses of city living. And you’re right, there’s always home.

    1. amyrigby

      Sadder still cause it was our friends’ coffee place originally and from before we even moved to town spent lots of time hanging out there laughing and catching up with local news…I suppose I could have worked that in there, that they looked like someone I used to know but I find that part too disheartening!

  2. Robert Lugo

    Well, I know it’s a bit out of the way, but I know this great place where they roast their own beans and make their coffee and espresso drinks with a lot of love. Its a beautiful setting with great vistas. I think you may even know where it is. You should get there soon. I think they’re waiting for you. And their dogs too.

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