Summer Snapshots

While I try to get work done it’s hard to write a new post, so I thought I’d put up some photos from the summer.

Brooklyn flower pot inspiration

I accompanied Eric to Red Hook for his record mastering session, it was pouring most of the day but the sun came out for a little while when I saw these clever bucket planters

man buns at the barI decided to face my fear of man buns head on – view of a couple dudes and ceiling of the bookstore/bar

schoefo at half moon
Schoemer Formation at Half Moon, photo by Karen Crumley Keats

We played a couple shows with the Schoemer Formation this summer, another one coming up next Friday Sept 25 at Low Beat in Albany!

Catskill Creek at sunset

This had to be the smallest carnival ever – I love our little town

David Crosby at the Egg in Albany

Hard to get a good shot when your hands are shaking in the presence of greatness

Back patio

The picnic table at the back of our house, I spend a lot of time here in the summer

The set for Eric’s video

We filled the back room with a load of people and instruments – for Several Shades Of Green

Waiting for the train

Mundane but romantic meeting the train

Weber in action

I have to admit we only used it one time this summer!

Hazel & Ben at Artist Rock

It’s nice being “the country house” for my daughter and her boyfriend to escape to

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band in Hudson

The man and his band played around the corner so we had to go. It’s always a thrill, yes we got to get up and sing “All The Young Dudes”!

drink & draw0001
Drink & draw on Avenue A

I went into the coffee bar by my brother’s place and they were setting up for a little drawing session. I didn’t have the right materials but I wanted a glass of $5 rose and it was fun drawing with a bunch of 20-something girls

Old post office on 14th Street

I’m always hearing how things are changing but it really struck me this time – the post office between Ave A & First was famously miserable, crowded and long lines to wait in – I know I left there in tears of rage a couple of times. Still, it made me sad to see it gone.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library
Cabinet of Wonders City Winery

Wes Stace invited us to play with a wacky assortment of characters – it was a good night in the city.


To wait for a train back home I sat up in Greeley Square and thought some things about the city had changed for the better – places to sit in midtown, a cheap empanada stand, a clean public toilet – in midtown…weird


Those long shadows, it’s almost over

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