The Leaving

The light’s on again – one of them’s awake. It’s like four in the morning. This has been going on for days.

Is it him or her? They’re both balls of nerves and who wouldn’t be – we’re going on tour tomorrow.

Yeah, it’s me again. Bet you forgot about me. Hell, I forgot about me, out there in the cold through the godawful winter with the snow so high they couldn’t get the garage door open for four months. Then standing by through what looked to be a blissful summer where the mower came and went and the bikes saw a lot of action. But your old pal the Bag? If I had a brain I’d have solved all the world’s problems by now, that’s how much time I’ve had to think about things.

Instead I went into a kind of coma. Making movies up in my mind, most of them starring Harvey Keitel, I don’t know why. If they ever need a person to play me in a film he’d be my number one choice.

Anyway, a week or two ago the woman came rummaging around for the leaf blower; then the rakes. It’s about  that time I thought. Time to hunker down for another long winter and I’m not liking this semi-retirement thing, I don’t even play golf, or hunt.

But I didn’t hear a peep from the leaf blower. And the rakes just sat there leaned up against the garage, I could see them through the window. Then there was music coming from the house, I mean there’s always some kind of music but I realized they were playing one of their songs – one the man and lady do together! It got me kind of choked up, I thought “I miss those two.”


And then the guy grabs me and I’m back in the house, on the floor next to Archery Bag and a couple of the guitar cases. I hear them talking about Ian Hunter dates down south and a trip to Europe and what and who’s playing on the guy’s shows there. I even heard the lady volunteer to not go, because air fares are so high and I thought that was big of her to give up her seat for me.

The guy wouldn’t hear of it. “We’re in this together”, he said.

I was glad – I wouldn’t think of strolling the old Alexanderplatz without her.

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby opening for Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

02 WASHINGTON DC, The Hamilton
04 DURHAM NC, Motorco Music Hall
05 CHARLOTTE SC, Neighborhood Theatre
07 ATLANTA GA, Variety Playhouse
08 HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA, Yellowhammer Brewery (Eric solo show)
09 NASHVILLE TN, City Winery

Wreckless Eric shows (w/Barry Payne, Amy Rigby & Sterling Roswell)

21 COLOGNE, King Georg
22 NIJMEGEN, Merleyn
23 UTRECHT, Le Guess Who
25 HAMBURG, Hafenklang
26 BERLIN, Crystal Club
29 MUNICH, The Atomic Cafe
01 ZURICH, El Lokal
02 STRASBOURG, La Popartiserie
05 LEON, SPAIN, Purple Weekend Festival – THE LEN BRIGHT COMBO
06 LEON, SPAIN, Purple Weekend Festival – WRECKLESS ERIC solo
10 HULL, New Adelphi
11 GLASGOW, Broadcast
13 LONDON, 100 Club
14 BRIGHTON, Prince Albert


Brothers & Sisters In Arms
Brothers & Sisters In Arms

10 thoughts on “The Leaving

  1. amyrigby

    Wish we could make it this time Charlie! There was that pub back room we played in Cambridge a while back..hopefully the next time over. It’s time for Eric to give Norwich Arts Centre another try??!

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