1 2 X U

“Don’t stress out, Amy.”

“Ooh! Can we get some peanuts?”

“So, if this track from our record blows up, then – you know, we’ll be out on tour and everything…”

“I’m turning 26 next week and I’m like, terrified – I mean, I’m definitely like a mid-twenties person and so I’ll be moving away from that? It’s really scary!”

“Do you guys have a restroom?”

“Hi, I’m looking for a book – I can’t remember the title or the author but I wondered if you might have it?”

“What’s wrong with the beer – it looks foamy?”

“That beer’s really foamy.”

“That’s not beer, that’s foam.”

“May I use your restroom?”

“Wow, peanuts – can I have some?”

“Do you have any beers that I’d like?”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this but – I used to work in the music biz and I never bothered to listen to Mod Housewife when it was popular but I heard it on YouTube and it’s really good!”

“Excuse me, I’m so sorry but – there’s a bug or something squashed in the back of this book? I just thought you should know.”

“Are dogs allowed in here?”

“Do you have any snacks besides peanuts?”

(whispered) “Amy’s having a bad day.”

12 thoughts on “1 2 X U

  1. Stribs

    Hmm! My artistic skills are zero! However my son is talented in that department. Vinyl would be far more attractive!

  2. samn2008

    after nearly 30 years in retail (urggh) these statements make me want to laugh and sob at the same time. i think one of my favorite customer moments was a grown man who came into my store, picked up a large pillar candle – then looked at me with confusion and earnestness and said “i assume this is a candle?” try answering that without making someone feel like an idiot…
    i just listened to ’til the wheels fall off’ and ‘middlessensce’ a few days ago and have to thank you again for your brilliant and inspiring work – your writing here is just icing on the songwriting cake….

  3. amyrigby

    You’re so sweet, thanks Sam. The candle story made me laugh! Gotta love people. Take care, and thanks for continuing to listen and read my stuff.

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