19 thoughts on ““Do You Remember That”

  1. sam

    “together we were crap…do you remember that?”….only one of the many amazing lines in this song. adorable, sweet, touching, slightly twisted…in a word, perfection. i’m totally obsessed and can’t get it out of my head (certainly not the first time it has happened with one of your songs). thanks so much for this…

  2. John McMahon

    Amy, That is a pretty fabulous video. The prologue made me think that I was watching a John Cassavetes film. I also love your kickstarter paintings! It’s nice to see you using that talent.

  3. Athos

    Awesome love song. My favorite number in the Johnny D gig 2 weeks ago, and my favorite on the new CD. As for the video, the production values are on a par with any “Wayne’s World” SNL sketch. More Amy / Eric music, please.

    1. amyrigby

      High praise indeed Athos – those 80’s videos and skits before anyone knew what they were doing were a big inspiration! thanks for coming to the Somerville gig, it was lovely to meet you.

  4. Angela Jaeger

    Hi Amy & Eric,
    You know I just looked at this video again and one of the great things about it is that you are both so captivating in your separate roles that the eye is constantly entertained! And we need to watch multiple times to make sure we didn’t miss anything. High 5!

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