Nothing But The Best

I had the finest birthday:

sound system

Dancing to my new top-class stereo system

city bakery

The best table at a fine NYC restaurant

tiger on the highline

Hanging with the beautiful people on the West Side riviera

outside world

Dinner with friends then catching Hazel’s band Outside World at the Barclays Cent- I mean the Cake Shop

and birthday wishes from all over the world…

Getting older is not bad – not bad at all.

11 thoughts on “Nothing But The Best

    1. amyrigby

      thanks Mick. It is fun to be able to dash down to the city but come back up to our little town. (just wish we were allowed to burn stuff in the backyard…) Hope you’re cozy and miss eating pastries with you.

    1. amyrigby

      A few years back I was asking myself how that could be possible Helen. Hitting 50 was the doldrums, now I can see it all goes on & even gets better in many ways.

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