Bad (Step-Grand) Mother

Shopping for supplies for our house concert yesterday, I figured I’d pick up a car seat for Eric’s two and 1/2 year old granddaughter – she’ll be arriving for a visit on Tuesday with her mother, Eric’s daughter Luci (lousy UK winter weather permitting). We’d already searched Craigslist for a used one and figured that with the prices people were charging for a juice and string cheese-encrusted used seat, we could get a serviceable one new. (One ad actually said “Used seat for sale, we rolled over in an accident and the kid lived so seat works”.)

I got a kick out of pushing a shopping cart up and down the supermarket aisles with the car seat protruding out of the top of the cart; as I wheeled in the direction of other customers, occasionally someone would cast a benign glance in the direction of this older “mother” and her docile passenger in the car seat, who turned out to be a box of lightbulbs and 2 jumbo bags of tortilla chips.

For a brief moment I was back in the world of mothers and kids. Preparing to settle into the indulgent world of grandparents (or step – step counts!)

I remembered how all the world’s a judge where children are concerned, full of cheery good will but also criticism and comments like “shouldn’t that child be wearing a hat?” “Isn’t he/she too hot/cold in that?” “Imagine bringing a child into a place like this”, etc. How does it work for the generation once removed?

Out in the parking lot several spaces away from a crabby-looking couple loading groceries into a Subaru, I amused myself by carefully lifting the car seat out of the trolley, cooing and tucking an imaginary blanket and then flinging the thing onto the floor of the rear of the minivan, slamming the door, giving a hearty “alright in there” thump on the glass and peeling out.

Come Tuesday, we’ll be playing for real.

16 thoughts on “Bad (Step-Grand) Mother

  1. Andy

    enjoy grandparenthood–(step does count) savor the hand-off when it becomes wearisome but 2 1/2 is a precious time to be around any youngster- their curiosity & enthusiasm can dispel almost any demon

    1. amyrigby

      That is so sweet, thank you Andy. We are already imagining lots of fun with windows to pop up behind, pictures to draw. Then there’s always that junior-sized drum set our local music store guy offered to loan us…

    1. amyrigby

      Good point, Helen. Maybe THAT’S why I got pulled over by a policeman yesterday afternoon…he wrote me a ticket for an expired inspection sticker, but he did seem to be scrutinizing the van very carefully.

  2. amyrigby

    I should add I’m not a fan of Youtube for this very reason – the clip clearly comes at the end of a concert, very much in the spirit of that point in a performance. Like coming into a film 3 minutes before the end, it makes no sense to someone who doesn’t know the song or the performer. I’d need to hear the song in another format, one created for a person who has no built-in appreciation for the artist. Does that make any sense?

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