I didn’t mean to open this design can of worms! Went over to WordPress, started working on a blog there, then realized I’d have to have the concentration to learn a new dashboard etc. Which I sadly don’t right now. Then started looking at the (limited) blogger templates and next thing I knew I’d lost my old one. So…under construction. But here’s a photo from yesterday in Catskill.

5 thoughts on “Help

  1. Amy

    Moving is a bitch. Even when it's to a better place! We'll be back to Asbury before long, Bob. I was just corresponding w/Jenn at the Lanes…

  2. The Fuddler

    Perchance is that spot in the Catskills the bridge over the Pepacton reservoir? I drove around part of it (and over a similar bridge) last year. It blew my mind that there could be that much water in one place this far inland! (It’s a reservoir for New York City).

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