The Load Out

I must be in France because it’s eleven o’clock at night and still light out. It must be the Limousin because no cars have driven past in the last few hours. Drinking red wine and sifting through piles of receipts, business cards, set lists and a couple of parking tickets.

It was a month of hard touring – long drives, late nights, reasonable turnouts in most places. Nothing went too wrong! Except for not being able to sleep it was a good time.

Should I be recapping? I just don’t have the energy. We saw some friends and family, enjoyed playing, sold records and ate well everywhere. Relished the friendly service in America. Loved the audiences except for one very talkative woman in Atlanta.

Now it’s time to get “back to” something here. Wish I knew what. First I’ll watch this Jackson Browne video. Substitute “me and Eric” for “roadies”. And feel happy.

16 thoughts on “The Load Out

  1. amy

    How did we miss that, Stuart? Did Stuy Town ever get air conditioning?Merci, Ms. Fly. Went to a tiny vide grenier/food fest the other day, in an even smaller village – a car with 4 gendarmes pulls into the middle of the place, very aggressive for a sleepy Sunday afternoon. They get out, square their shoulders, strut around the maybe…20 vendors, making sure everything is "in order". For what? It was ridiculous – comic and chilling at the same time.

  2. the fly in the web

    They've been arresting them round here…one kid was helping his dad put up a stall…dad done for illegal 'employment' of juvenile…another guy was standing in for his mum on her stall….'working in the black…Sums up France, really, bully the weak and let the rich roll on regardless.They've even done Noriega for money laundering to get their hands on hius bank account…so I'm off to the Post Office to withdraw my sous and putting them under the mattress.

  3. amy

    We will, Jeff & Sue! Had a fun time strolling the boardwalk…Thanks Jim – very happy you could make it. An odd night but having you guys there made it fun.Seems to be the way things are going here Ms. Fly – why are they clamping down on people just trying to get by, it sends the message that it isn't worth trying to start a business or attempt anything new. I worry for people in France. (in the rest of the world too but there is so clearly a problem here with govt controls)

  4. alexh

    Sounds like a good trip Amy; maybe "back to" rest for a little while? I agree about service in the US; it's nice to be acknowledged with a greeting when walking into a store, restaurant etc. Now, back to that talkative woman in Atlanta…

  5. Ed Ward

    Welcome back. Kick off your shoes and laze out for a few. And make a noise when you feel like coming down this way. You can leave your guitars home if you like.

  6. Ed Ward

    Welcome back. Kick off your shoes and laze out for a few. And make a noise when you feel like coming down this way. You can leave your guitars home if you like.

  7. Scott C.

    I'm glad you made it back home okay, please come back when you can stay just a little bit longer next time. Please come to see us and play a show in Albany, NY or Syracuse. We'll feed you good! Thank you for sending me the new record, I love it.Your pal,Scott P.S. I saw Joan Jett & The Blackhearts play a show last night at a harness racing track. A super show by Joanie, as always.

  8. Rosie

    welcome home!We are heading South and I was hoping to arrange a meet across a crowded champagne glass…but no! We are going to Limoux and not Limousin so my beloved informs me, so will not be within cork popping distance. Rats!Never mind, perhaps there will be other opportunities…

  9. amy

    What a shame Rosie! And there's lots of good stuff to drink there in Limoux, so I'm sure you'll have a lovely time. I will look forward to meeting up somewhere before long…Is Valentine's still there in Albany Scott? A good club! Maybe we will try it next time.I'm still eager to try that burger you rave about Ed. Are you at all near Carcassonne, we may be playing there later this year (down the road from Limoux)Enjoying a break Alex, biking and swimming, in the first consistently nice weather I've seen in my time in France.

  10. Ed Ward

    I'm not really that close to Carcassonne, but it's get-to-able from here. Never been there — it's a bit north. But you know, if I bring you a Vert Anglais burger, it won't be very good by the time I get there. I also know an American family who make really, really good wine just out of town up there, and I'm sure they'd come to your show.

  11. Bill S

    Amy, I really enjoyed seeing you and Eric perform in Cambridge, Mass. We need to figure out a way to get you to play here in Anchorage next year!

  12. amy

    Ed, I finally figured out we are playing waaaay south of Carcassonne, past Perpignan, closer to Spain. Will have to make it down near you another time – I would still really like to visit Montpellier.That's great Bill – Eric made me swear a few years back he would never have to travel to Alaska to play and I agreed, secretly knowing that it would have to happen eventually – it is too spectacular, weird and wonderful to miss.

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