Miss You

Saw Mick Jagger on Larry King Live the other night. God he sounded so phony, trying hard to appear to be a nice guy. Still, it was interesting when he talked about needing a huge audience to energize him, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to perform. Sort of like the Suzanne Somers book about using hormones to animate a dormant sex drive…he should’ve tried playing with us in Minneapolis earlier that same night.

Now we’re back in Chicago, resting for two days before we go to Detroit, then New Haven and Boston to finish up the tour. “Resting” meaning doing a radio show, replacing Eric’s blown speaker, trying to send out the rest of our CD orders and, this being Chicago, eating everything in sight.

I wish I could sit down and write a recap of all the places we’ve been and people we’ve seen on this trip, but the Mexican restaurant down the street is calling – I think there’s a large margarita with my name on it sitting there, salt glistening on the rim like the sweat on Mick’s brow or Suzanne’s heaving bosom.

7 thoughts on “Miss You

  1. Erica M.

    We loved your Houston show! All the video and photos are stuck in my camera due to tech glitches, but I did write up the experience in two posts on my blog. Thanks for everything!

  2. amy

    Debbie, hope you made it okay to (and through) the Detroit show.It was lovely meeting you four Erica, glad you could make it. I'll have to catch up with your blog – sorry to have been out of touch since I saw you.Let's see Anon, were you table one, two or three? or the people they threw out for arguing?That one was highly chemical Rosie – didn't even get through half of it. but I had two delicious ones in NY the other night, so one on your behalf.

  3. the fly in the web

    Jagger has a chateau near here, with a cricket ground.He drives the wannabes frantic by cancelling matches at the last minute..but they keep hanging in there in hopes of a celebrity match – which never happens.

  4. amy

    No doubt he calls the cricket ground some kind of charitable foundation for the good of the community, he is apparently a genius at paying as little tax as possible.

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