Stage Outfit

tour outfit

It won’t stop raining here in France, so we’re heading to sunny Belgium.

Join us for “The Real World: Gent” as Eric and I bunk down in an apartment together with Jon Langford, Brendan Croker and Rob and Eugene Coyne and also some Belgian artists with names I’ve yet to learn (damn, I’ve caught that Bataclan disease) – all in preparation for the series of tribute shows to Kevin Coyne we’ll be doing in Belgium for the next week.

I haven’t had a chance to put together a new stage outfit, but I’m imagining something like the one above, from a ladies room door in Austria.

Don’t forget to check out the new Wreckless Eric radio show and our new single, available as a 7″ record right now, and as a download very soon.

I’ll let you know how we get along with our roommates – Eric and I are planning to be like the gay couple from “Best In Show”, with our own candles and linens and silk kimonos. We’re still looking for a cute little dog to rent to drive everyone nuts.

11 thoughts on “Stage Outfit

  1. amy

    Andy, for some reason the art of men's and ladies' room doors is extra interesting in Germany, Austria, Belgium etc, So yes maybe I'll start a separate blog for that.thank you Diana, as an outfit it's so cute, and as an illustration it is inspiring isn't it.

  2. breakfastgeorge

    I have a small dog that would drive anyone nuts!..even though he's kinda cute…rent free….but you'd have to come get him from Cambridge UK…happy trails, Amy…and have yourself a cool yule..

  3. amy

    Is "restroom" even better Andy? (after being away from the US for a while, "bathroom" does start to sound absurd)hi George – will have to check out your canine rental program next time we're in Cambridge!

  4. amy

    Have you watched "For Your Consideration" Jeff? I know it got sort of panned but we'll take Chris Guest & co any way we can get them!I hope we can meet up over the holidays Kim."You got it", Bill -I may make it my new career. There are so many out there that need documenting. same to you and Helen too.

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