Star Treatment

I’d been wishing they’d put our name on the big marquee for the Bataclan show, underneath headliners Yo La Tengo.

Then I saw the sign on our dressing room door.

star treatment

15 thoughts on “Star Treatment

  1. amy

    It must be the Curse Of The Tengo at work – check out YLT's site Apparently this happens all the time with them – now I really feel shorted, not to have made it into the marquee pantheon. Oh well, I guess it's better than the time with the Continental Drifters when I was billed as Cathy Rigby…

  2. KudzuCarl

    Well, at least your names are in bigger type….And it could have said "Some guy named Eric who might once have been famous and his wife"Have a good weekend, Abbi.

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