Home Alone

Eric’s off to England to get the 45 ready to be pressed up next week. It’s all so immediate, unlike the long gestation for a full length album. I haven’t made a stand-alone single since The Shams “Only A Dream/3 AM” for Bob Mould’s SOL label back in late 80’s, so I find it very exciting! We’re going to make it available as a download too, for the turntable-impaired.

It’s funny with Eric gone, since we’re always together. I imagined I’d be sliding out into the kitchen in Ray Bans, white socks and shirt with Bob Seger wailing. Or at least buying eggs and bananas at the supermarket because he can’t stand the sight of them. But I couldn’t find where they keep the eggs, and I’d have to call Eric and ask where he keeps his Bob Seger.

I took a stroll in one of the villages where we have several of our “properties” to keep an eye on but somehow they just looked like normal village houses without my conspirator to help with the surveillance.

So, writing and drawing and watching a French film made for TV. Omelettes and bananas Foster tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Poppy Robbie

    Drooling in anticipation for the single. Is it still being released by FDH Records? I'm going to scream bloody murder if I don't manage to snag a colored vinyl copy (there IS going to be a limited edition, ultra-rare, highly-collectable colored vinyl variant version, right?! haha)

  2. amy

    So that's where Kim! Thanks.Robbie this one we're putting out ourselves in time for the tour, though we still hope to get something out on FDH later. Can't promised colored vinyl but we could color the sleeve in for you?

  3. the sandwich life

    Isn't it funny? Sometimes I get all excited about having time to myself but on the rare occasion I get it I don't know what to do with it! Can't wait for the 45…..just saying '45' makes me happy….

  4. Rob

    I'm getting left home alone on Saturday as Clare's off to see Spandau Ballet (I know – lowering the tone, sorry) in Glasgow.I know where she keeps the eggs though and she's made heavy lifting plans for me on Sunday to make sure I don't hit the gin too hard.Looking forward to the single.

  5. Wreckless Eric

    I haven't got any Bob Seger records but if I did they'd be under either B for Bob or S for Seger depending on our friendship potential – do you think me and Bobby Seger could be mates? I've filed Donovan under D instead of under er… D, simply because we met him and that even though he practically made a pass at you. It's the nearest I've come to being cuckolded by a member of my own record collection!See you tomorrow x

  6. Poppy Robbie

    Haha have you guys seen that Bob Dylan documentary (was is 'Don't Look Back'?), the one around the time he went "electric" and all the folkies freaked out? Anyway, there's this part where he's giving Donovan a hard time and its comedic gold. I'm sure you've seen it…-r

  7. amy

    Thank God, Rob -I just can't see you at a Spandau Ballet show! Now I know what you're getting for Christmas, Eric. Every rock home needs a copy of "Turn The Page" from the live album.But who's laughing now, Robbie? Both of them, I guess.

  8. Rob

    I'm grateful for small mercies Amy. Quite happily ensconced in the house listening to Paul Westerberg with a bit of a hangover due to some heroic driking at my brother's weding yesterday.Don't think I could cope with the 'Spands' or whatever they call themselves.

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