Our Indian Summer

I was almost barred from entering the country the other day at the port, but since they have decided to let me in to England, it looks like we’ve got to play these shows.

Now that we’re here, things are going well. Visited with Andy and Amber in Herne Bay after my run-in with the British authorities at Boulogne and they revived us with cups of tea and fish and chips. Saturday night in Bristol was so much fun! And we benefited from the Premier Inn money back “Good Night” guarantee because there was no TV remote in our room, so we couldn’t actually have a good night’s sleep. So, we’re saving money too.

Our gigs were in the Guardian Gig Guide! Not that in makes any difference whatsoever whether anyone shows up, and true they called us a folk-punk duo which I think would surely cancel out any potential audience, but hey – at least we’re in there.

I’d forgotten how some audiences actually clap and cheer for music. Cambridge was a small, select crowd and we used a weird bedroom lava lamp type thing cause we couldn’t find the light switch in the venue. Very psychedelic. Phil Parker from Except The General provided excellent support – he’s been doing some recording with Eric and he writes great nostalgic but immediate songs. Now we’re on to Portsmouth, and back up to Norwich tomorrow. We’ve lucked in to some Indian summer weather too. Maybe this is our personal Indian Summer. A little blast of warm air, a shot of light.

And amazing news, our friend Karen called yesterday to alert me that Craig, one of my favorite haircutters ever who was apparently also on Big Brother (meaningless to me but he is a true character) had surfaced with a new salon in Norfolk. And my hair is in sad shape. I hope he can fit me in. So glad I’m not picking apples back in the Haute Vienne. There’s always next year for that.

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby UK Tour

6 thoughts on “Our Indian Summer

  1. amy

    It is so addictive TBNIL – there are "Les Chippy" around in France where there are lots of Brits but it's never the same.Now as for the styliste, that is a true Friend With (Fringe?)Benefits.George, did I know you lived in Cambridge? I think maybe I found out after the last time we played there and had forgotten. I will let you know next time for sure.

  2. Paul Cooper

    Hi AmyYour "Tour" link in your last Blog entry doesn't work, it needs ".html" at the end of the "anydates" bit.Hope the tour's going well, hey bring two fish and chips back for Siulan and I. See you soon.Paul

  3. amy

    Thanks Paul, must've been in too much of a rush.Now if we pick some up in Dover before catching the boat they should still be warm by the time we get home?It's great to be in England sometimes, isn't it Rosie? Though the weather has gone grey and cold…

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