Welcome Wagon

I know I took the name New Orleans in vain a few times with my last post, but I’ve said how very much I love the place. I don’t think it was worthy of this kind of karmic payback – my daughter who just moved there last week got robbed yesterday.

Someone went into her apartment and stole her guitar, her bass and her laptop. Pretty much the only things of value she had.

I say went in because the lock wasn’t broken, and she had locked the deadbolt. There have been handymen in and out of there all week and it looks pretty apparent that someone saw what she had and the first day she was out at her new job, went in and took it.

People have warned about the high crime in the city but this is some kind of welcome. I know they’re only things, and she’s alright, and everybody has stuff happen to them.

But she’s just about to start classes, moving’s taken all our resources, she has several hundred dollars of textbooks to buy. Does anyone have a spare laptop sitting around?

9 thoughts on “Welcome Wagon

  1. the sandwich life

    oh man….I am just hearbroken for both you and Hazel…..damn, damn, damn…..oh, and Owen's bike got stolen from our yard yesterday….when you're 7 it's kind of like having your guitar, bass and laptop stolen…..except I can fix it easier than you can….

  2. The Hound

    she needs three things to survive NO:a) a gunb) a big dog (preferably a Rhodesian ridgeback), c) a car.I have an extra laptop but it software wise it's a bit out of date, it runs 10.3 (all mac software is now upgraded to 10.5 +) but it can do basic word processing and web surfing, if she wants it lemme know and I'll wipe the porn off it and send it down….

  3. Jim S

    Wish I could disagree with the Hound, but often NOLA makes Lagos Nigeria seem safe. I've got an upgrade to OS X 10.4 & a copy of office for mac if that helps.

  4. amy

    I'm so sorry for Owen, Cynthia – so hard to believe someone would do that – your little street seems so idyllic.Hound I can't quite picture lil Hazel with a gun or a dog, but the car is probably going to be a must (she's already had 2 flat tires on her bike, the roads are so bad) That Mac would be great, I'll email you.And thanks Jim S, you are too kindRosie I appreciate it – PS a belated happy birthday, I tried putting a comment on your post a while back but it didn't work for some reason.

  5. alexh

    Amy,That's such a rough start for Hazel. I hope she'll get things replaced soon and make a good start to her studies. It's rough on you too. Take care.

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