We’d Only Just Begun

I’m in a stupor my last evening in New Orleans. Maybe it’s the heat and the fact that Hazel and I walked miles today (slowly of course), or maybe it’s the incredible food I’ve been enjoying every step of the way. Had lunch at this place Stanley on Jackson Square and it was delicious – eggs hollandaise with the plumpest, juiciest fried oysters. As I’ve done after every meal I’ve eaten in this town, I said “Now THAT was hands down the best!”

Hazel found an apartment that’s cheap and right near school and the Garden District. The building needs work but the apartment will look cute with her stuff in it and I think she’ll be okay there. This is still one of the greatest places on earth – I’m really pleased she’s here.

This trip has been too perfect, the only minus has been I keep wishing Eric were here to see everything. I can’t wait for him to make his first trip to this place, hopefully soon.

Oh and the other thing bumming me out in a serious way – I mean serious to the point where when I think about it, I get weepy – I’ve lost my glasses. My brand new progressive lenses that cost a fortune. I don’t often get attached to things but I loved those glasses – they were changing my life cause I could finally see to drive, read maps, everything. I even loved the tan leather case they came in. It was like some kind of worry beads for me through this tour, I’d rub the soft leather like a baby with a blanket or toy to calm myself down. Gone. Somewhere between Lula Restaurant in Chicago where I used them to read the menu and I-57 in Illinois they have disappeared. I was holding out final hope for when we emptied the minivan of all of Hazel’s stuff but – nothing. A lone McDonald’s french fry (when did I go to McDonald’s?), a pair of dirty white Keds and the first Wussy album – that’s it.

I’ve still got my progressive sunglasses at least. I’ve been practicing wearing them after dark. My new affectation? Born out of necessity, on the banks of the Mississippi.

14 thoughts on “We’d Only Just Begun

  1. the sandwich life

    oh damn…..I WISH we could have found them….Ernie really wanted to be your hero and call and tell you he'd found them…. We'll keep willing them to appear in our house…..travel home safely….I'm so glad Hazel has found a good spot…

  2. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

    oh dear. I'm biding my time, wishing for my new pair. I swear I'll guard them with my life this time. I WILL put them in their case. I WILL wear them all day. My current pair are so scratched I'm stumbling through life in an even great fog than ordinary.I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll keep hope alive for a miracle.and also, I'm so buzzed you're enjoying new orleans.

  3. Jim S

    Lost mine so many times I switched to multi focus contact lenses – can't see as well but at least I don't leave them on/plane/train/hotel where ever! (Have had one blow or fall out leaving me wondering why the world was so fuzzy 'til I realized it was gone)

  4. amy

    I so wanted Ernie to be my hero too Cynthia! Ah, I have one last hope and that's visiting the corner in Chicago where maybe they fell out of my bag when I had to put money in the meter. Was it only last week I was at your house? What fun it was.thanks Kim. Yes, fingers still crossed for a miracle – until I leave the US there's still a chance I'll find em. (just watched French Connection – maybe, just maybe they're in the "rocker panels" of the minivan?!)

  5. carlc24

    I'm with Jim on this. I actually wear a reading contact lens in my left eye and a distance lens in my right eye. Much better than bifocals or contacts plus reading glasses. Your brain sorts it all out pretty quickly and adjusts to the two lenses. And I only got dizzy and threw up once when I first started wearing them. How old are we sounding when we are comparing corrective lens? What's next – support hose?

  6. clr

    If you have the prescription, I would try one of the mail order houses for a replacement. Here's the blog where you can read about it:http://glassyeyes.blogspot.com/They call it "shattering the eyeglasses scam" – even progressives are inexpensive compared to what they cost here. you've got nothing to lose except $$$.

  7. Paul in St. Louis

    So now it's ice cream, a good hair conditioner, and progressive lenses that are all a girl needs, in these times? I mean now that we can't really have retirment funds. That's what you get Amy for all those great lyrics over the 14 years–nouns throw back at you. I love my progressive lenses too and get churlish every time I do something stupid to knock them uneven, like open a cabinet into them. I asked the visual doc fitting me if I could dance tango in progressive lenses, and he said he didn't know why not. That will be cool, I said, because that's a hard dance to learn.I also love the first Wussy, the second Wussy album, the third, and get to see them tonight in St. Louis!Lyrically,Paul in St. Louis

  8. amy

    Carl, I'll have to look into that, if Caryn's website doesn't yield some economical results. I don't know if I can go through the trauma of losing specs again (though maybe the first time trains a person forever?) Thanks for that Caryn!Are you saying, Paul, that the other 11 years of songwriting don't count? Not to be too pedantic. But I've been recording for over 25 years (first Last Roundup recording, A Little is Enough, which I wrote, came out in 85 I think, on the Luxury Condos compilation, along with very early Yo La Tengo, Matthew Sweet, etc. ) See, I've earned those very middle-aged progressives.It's a classic constantly being reborn TBNIL. Call it a John Hughes tribute?

  9. daisyGB

    that's strange. Victoria lost hers recently. I suggested she pray "St Anthony, St Anthony, something's lost and must be found, please let me find my ____" and then you would say, your glasses. And she found them.Hers were in her case all along.I think it was the first facebook miracle. I'm not catholic. But this prayer seems to work for a lot of people and i hope for you. xxxdaisy

  10. amy

    Daisy, thank you! Even though I'm now on another continent from where I lost the glasses, I can't seem to let it go. I will try this.

  11. Paul in St. Louis

    Oh, ew, sorry Amy, I forgot to give you your dues for the early stuff- you had even signed one of your Shams Sedusia ep for me. And then there's all that great Roundup stuff much earlier. That's news to me about Matthew Sweet and Yo La Tengo. "Yo La Tengo", I got it, I gave you a horrible shortchange there. Apologies,

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