Remember Me?

I used to write here. I used to do all kinds of varied activities, and even read books. Now I can barely get through a short article in USA Today. “The Road” is taking its toll. I made it to the fitness room this morning, at least. I’m only able to attempt a post now because things are winding down. We played the WXPN festival yesterday (see review) and have a day off until Cleveland tomorrow. Then Eric’s going home and I’m going to help Hazel move to New Orleans, stopping off to play a house concert in Champaign, IL. What a trip! I miss writing but I’ll start up again soon (she promises others, but mostly herself).

8 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. alexh

    Go easy on yourself Amy- you've been busy! Good luck to you & to Hazel with the move. You've given us all those great records and the prose here while we're waiting for new stuff.

  2. amy

    Thank you Alex! Yes, I must take it easy and remember to enjoy a chance to be with my daughter. hope you're getting to spend time with your girls this summer.

  3. Heather

    I think I speak for the entire town when I say that Champaign loved you. Caught my husband smiling to himself, thinking of your lyrics several times over the weekend. Hope the move's going well.

  4. amy

    thanks Kim, we are having a fantastic time! Can't wait to visit Les Bohemians in Brantome.Jim, didn't realized you came from here. It is a mild summer as N.O. goes – not bad at all.Heather, it was a pleasure. What a relaxed, fun crowd. I even loved the constant flow of kid traffic.Don't hate me TBNIL! You're right, it's summer – time to slack off on some (most?) things. That said, I need to check what YOU'VE been up to lately.

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