“If all the other kids went and jumped off a bridge, would you do that too?” I remember my mother asking, when I wanted to get my ears pierced.

I’ve been resisting for months, smug in my insistence that I wouldn’t/couldn’t get involved in any more social networking tomfoolery. But yesterday, I caved. I don’t know why – it just seemed like a good idea all of a sudden.

So now you can, how do you say, “follow me” on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Follower

  1. amy

    Tim – you're right about "how do you say", and I don't know where that came from! The Bristol gig was so poorly/incorrectly promoted in the end we had to pull it…we've both been playing too long to have to put up with being treated like merde I mean shit.Sorry Andy, I'll have to correct that.

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