Nothing To Wear

I’ve been in an eBay frenzy the past few days after realizing I have nothing to wear on this tour. And then I went to find some new glasses and the guy in the eyeglass place had to give me some water when he revealed what two pairs of progressifs (or varifocals) will cost. So how to find something to wear for practically nothing? New clothes are out of the question, and the depot ventes aren’t much cheaper.

First I thought I could try to whip up a few items myself. Only I don’t have a sewing machine. I got started laying out a pattern, just in case there might be time to run over to a friend’s house and sew, but it’s been such a long time since I sewed anything, even the laying out part is beyond me at the moment.

So, eBay. I’ve been hard at it – searching, watching, bidding, forgetting to bid, and finally winning a few low priced items. French eBay is hilarious with over the top descriptions (“Magnifique robe d’été!!”), and has the added benefit of increasing my vocabulary with each item. (Genou? Knee. Mollet? Calf) The harvest is just starting to roll in and (why is this surprising?) the first item is a bit of a dud. A cute red top in the photo, a good brand, nice fabric, but as I put it on the thing seemed to expand, growing until it was almost more of a knee length tunic with an elasticated hem. In other words, a red bubble. As I examine the photo, I can see very clearly how I screwed up – I should have gauged the distance from the armhole to the hem…and now, rereading the description, it clearly says “tunique”.

Ah, well. Not that big of a loss for six euros including the postage, but I still don’t have anything to wear.

A beach coverup! It makes a perfect beach coverup!

Only when, exactly, will I be going to the beach?

But there’s always tomorrow’s mail. I’m still waiting on a skirt, a dress, and a pair of trousers. I’m thinking if one of them actually fits and works as anything other than a “beach coverup” or something to cut the grass in, I’ll be doing alright.

And if not, there’s always the Red, White & Blue thrift shop in Pittsburgh.

12 thoughts on “Nothing To Wear

  1. Rosie

    ooo ebay is a dangerous place. my garage is full of its tempting propositions…not my wardrobe tho, I dont trust things I cant try on!It is mysweet who is the ebay addict.there should be an organisation like AA…EA?

  2. Karen

    i just 'won' a brio train set – the track's probably dog eaten and the trains will only have two or three wheels but at least i won't have to worry about it fitting! there's a guy near here who sells 'old glasses' – his business is called dead men's spex : we can fix a visit – i've been trying to get there for a year….

  3. amy

    You're so right Rosie, right after I wrote this post I went on and "won" two more items. But I'm done now, because we'll be gone in a few days and I won't be here to receive any more packages. The two that came today fit – it's a miracle!sith, I always forget there is that legging option…Ah Karen, with the train now you can make your own little "Crabbetown" ?!The crazy thing is, I used one pair of what must be "dead men's specs" that Hazel gave me for the sunglasses, it's just the price of the glass (plastic, whatever it is) that is so expensive! The guy was offering me free frames and couldn't understand why i wanted to use these old things – why, they must be at least 50 years old! he said, turning up his nose.But I'd love to check that place out.

  4. Ksam

    Is the red tank from Mexx? It looks almost exactly like a blue and white one I bought last summer. If so, send it my way – I've got a long torso and it fits just right on me! lol

  5. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

    bon voyage! I've decided to wait (if I can) on new specs till my next trip to the states…I have a current scrip there and I'll hit one of the lenscrafters or something. that is, if I don't drop my current pair several more times … or lose them.clothes…hmmm, another matter. I still think we need to hit Perigueux together and sift out a good thrift. Hell with all those teeny boppers (high schools are there) there have to be some holes-in-the-wall somewhere… maybe upon your return?xx

  6. amy

    hi Sam, it was a nice surprise to see your name there! You're absolutely right, Mexx, and if the leggings thing/beach coverup doesn't work I will send it your way.Kim, you're probably wise to wait if you can – it is complex and expensive doing it here (though they insist they are way ahead in technology and the materials they use…plus great frames to choose from!) We'll see you in August – at the cafe? and a Perigueux thrift shopping expo sounds perfect.tbnil, I know – Pittsburgh is one of the thrift shopping capitals of all time. But there are these shows in England next week – I just can't subject people to the same clothes I've worn on stage the last year…at least it has been a laugh and an education, trying to make out exactly what it is people are selling.Eleanor, tell me the RWB is still there (either location)?!

  7. amy

    and thank you Alex, I don't think we can make it over that way this time but it's nice to know we have an in with a British charity shop.

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