This Moment

There are those rare moments in life when everything seems to come together. When all the hard work and insecurity pay off. When you can finally say “I’ve made it.”

I had one of those times last week. We were packing up to leave for Holland, and a call came – someone wanted me to sing on their session.

But they were in New York. Luckily, Eric was able to fire up his studio and in no time I was pouring my heart and soul into three different numbers. By 2 AM the results were winging their way back to the studio on the other side of the Atlantic.

You’re wondering who. Was it Elton John, and if so why couldn’t he have just come over here to do it? Or maybe David Bowie? Robert Plant and Alison Krauss deciding to make it a trio?

No, this was quality.

This was a series of diaper commercials.

I don’t know if they’ll actually use “my work”, but I want to hold on to this moment for as long as I can.

12 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. amy

    Ha ha, you'll have to guess (unless you come see us play, as we'll no doubt be adding one of the numbers to our repertoire)Good point Hound, but it's baby diapers – I'm working my way up to the adult ones…The new tartan line, Lindsay?Rosie for sure I will.If only it were true, Bob.K, if one of them runs I will reveal all.

  2. amy

    You're right, Ed – the session paid a pittance. Now if they'd only give me a chance, I could write catchy drivel that lodges in people's brains just as well as anyone…

  3. a

    I seem to remember John Peel paying for his tennis court with the proceeds of a voiceover for a toilet paper commercial.Get those racquets out……..

  4. amy

    a, we've got the racquets ready and I even bought a new can of balls but it's going to have to be the village court for now (see weight loss program, above). funny to know that about John Peel, I'm rushing to his autobiography now to see whether he mentions it…hmm,nothing in the index on "toilet paper"

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