One More Time

Some things have changed since our last US tour. A new president, economic crisis, the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Our record was just out then, back in September. When we come over in July we’ll hopefully have our new 45 available. Here are the dates so far:

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby

Tues July 7 Club Cafe Pittsburgh PA
Wed July 8 Southgate House Newport, KY (that’s just outside Cincinnati)
Thu July 9 Barley’s Taproom Knoxville, TN (w/Tim Lee 3)
Fri July 10 Star Bar Atlanta, GA
Sun July 12 house concert Raleigh, NC (email me for info)
Wed July 15 Black Cat Washington, DC
Thu July 16 Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, NJ
Sat July 18 Bop Fest Rochester, NY
Tues July 21 TT the Bears Cambridge, MA (Jimmy Ryan opens!)
Wed July 22 Lakeside Lounge New York, NY
Thu July 23 Cafe Nine New Haven, CT
Sat July 25 Record Collector Bordentown, NJ
Sun July 26 XPNonential Fest Camden, NJ
Tues July 28 Beachland Tavern Cleveland, OH

It’s looking like we still have a day or two open for house concerts – Friday July 17 somewhere in upstate NY would be ideal, and Fri July 24 in NJ, NY or eastern PA. Maybe you’ve been thinking of throwing a party? All you have to do is invite your pals, hire or borrow a small PA, lay on the food and drinks and we’ll do the rest…

And just to remember the good times from last tour, here are a few photos.

We were at WXPN in Philadelphia and met up with Chrissie Hynde and her amazing guitar player James. Like a little kid in a rock n roll theme park, I am grinning like an idiot.

royale with cheese
Eric had his first Sonic drive-in experience in Virginia. This kid loved Eric’s accent and was thrilled to meet someone from England. He wants to make films. When Eric said we lived in France, he said “I bet you’d like a `royale with cheese'”.

We tried to pass ourselves off as a married brother/sister act. It was Alabama, after all, where that kind of thing is legal.

We formed a new group at 3 AM in Austin with Robbie & Jamie: Gordon and the Chocolate Fireguards.

We stayed in some damn swanky places…

And visited the old neighborhood.

Now we get to do it again. We’re older now. But I think we can still have fun.

15 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. Norma

    You are welcome to do a house concert in the wrong London on July 17, of course..that is if I’m there (I’m in Boston indefinitely but should be back by then). Or we’ll just come see you in Rochester!

  2. amy

    See you at the bowling alley!Thanks for your kind offer, Norma – I think you may have to trek to Rochester, sadly it’s a ten hour haul from NJ to you. hope things are going okay in Boston and that we see you this summer.I’m really glad I can make it Cynthia.

  3. clr

    You should contact Drew Eckmann about doing a house party – he’s about 25 miles away from NYC in North NJ. he’s had Graham Parker, John Wesley Harding, Willie Nile, Marah a million times, Jesse Malin a million times – I would even go if you played.I don’t want to post his phone number here but it is also all over the internet or call 973.962.9220

  4. Grahame

    Ah this is annoying – we’ll be in London while you’re in DC. Hmmm we’re back on the 19th and you’re in the other Camden on the 26th…

  5. Grahame

    Amy, wish we could be there at the 100 Club, but we’re in the UK 3rd to 19th July, then back to Virginia. You probably don’t remember, but we (The Crowd Scene) opened for you at Jamming Java in Va last time you were over, and I’ve been looking forward to you guys coming back since… The 100 Club is a great place to play, have you played there before?

  6. Poppy Robbie

    Meeeemorrrriiiiiesssss hahaI’m deeply saddened that you guys arent able to make it to Texas this time, but wish you the best and hope you have a blast! Be careful out there.

  7. amy

    Grahame, of course we remember – we still have that great poster you did. Yes, the 100 Club – what a historic, cool place. And John Cooper Clarke is performing also, what could be better?Robbie, you know we only travel to TX during hurricane season, right? We’ll miss seeing you. And PS the single is on FDH, a new song by Eric that is amazing, I can’t wait – I hate to miss the west coast Kim but it’s sadly a money-losing proposition to go out there to play. Unless some nice festival (or the Getty in L.A. – they do concerts!) would foot the bill.

  8. Rosie

    oh amy you are making my feet itch…perhaps when darling d finally leaves home to study…I can see the open road stretching out ahead of me. I’ll try and get to see you at the 100 club in september to whet my appetite

  9. amy

    I hope you can come to the 100 Club Rosie. And I imagine lots of adventures out there for you once your daughter goes off (at the same time as I was just thinking, wow – summer will be almost over when I get back…one more year without coming to grips with gardening. The grass is always greener, and better cut, kind of thing)

  10. Anonymous

    Hopefully see you(se) at Lakeside on 7/22 (okay, "22/7") if we're not rehearsing in Hoboken with Roy and Cyril to all hours. I do hope you'll be spending that Friday night off with us at Southpaw. xoxbb

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