What A Difference A Meal Makes

We found the Spanish equivalent of steak frites yesterday and suddenly Madrid is the most wonderful place on earth! The promoter is a true gentleman, the audience is one of the best in the world, the soundmen all look like Javier Bardem, the women are as beautiful and charming as Penelope Cruz (except for the security guard where we’re keeping our van).

5 thoughts on “What A Difference A Meal Makes

  1. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

    can you hook me up with a soundman, s’il te plait? por favor? all of my fantasy fellows look just like Javier. I forgot to mention that the food wasn’t my favorite part of Spain…isn’t it funny how different the approach to eating out is with 2 countries who share a border? I mean in Spain we had to elbow our way to the bar to eat the tapas, standing up and it seemed everyone was jockeying for position. In France we commandeer a table and own it for the evening while we dine and drink … and drink… and…ha you get my drift…but getting back to Javier and lookalikes. pretty please?!

  2. amy

    ms Soft, I had wondered how you were progressing with the house in the Limousin – I just checked in on your blog.Rosie, I had asparagus in France yesterday that beat everything I tasted in Spain. must be the air!I hear the Primavera Sound music fest in Barcelona is a must Kim, maybe for your next holiday?

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