So Close

We were almost the proud owners of a new strimmer yesterday.

Standing in line at the Castorama, smug in the knowledge that our career as “those pesky neighbors who are always borrowing the lawn equipment” was just about to end, we got a nasty shock when the cashier told us how much we owed for the strimmer we’d chosen. It was twice what we’d thought.

We dragged the box back over to the lawn section and asked one of the assistants. It turns out we’d been looking at the price of a coupe bordure, suitable for just that, cutting borders, and what we really needed was the debroussailler for clearing lawns. The cost was enough to require some soul searching.

Because we’ve also been badly needing a more reliable keyboard – the Roland JX-8P has become more and more of a vintage keyboard lately, that is, something to be cherished and cared for, rather than flung or even placed very carefully into the back of the van. It’s been losing notes and occasionally not working at all on stage.

A local music shop had just what we were looking for. At slightly more than the cost of the strimmer. Guess which one won?

I mean, we won’t actually be here to see the knee high grass and weeds. And, in a couple of weeks I can always get out the old scythe. There’s something very therapeutic about swinging that thing around while thinking `bout the IRS.

9 thoughts on “So Close

  1. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

    we need to plan a trocante day in Perigueux … accompanied at some point by refreshments. I know 3 trocantes that are pretty good and have all sorts of jardinage stuff.seems like a good excuse for a jaunt to me. and why pay full price if you don’t have to?

  2. a

    Scythes are good. And owning a scythe qualifies you to stand at the side of the road and stare at passing cars. I guess you’re nearly en route for Spain. Hope it goes well. Tapas is the best thing in the world to eat…..

  3. amy

    Kim, that sounds like the perfect solution – it hadn’t occurred to us to look at the trocante. We’ll see you when we get back!A fine idea Janice, except our neighbors are all pushing 80 (which makes me wonder how Grim Reaper translates into French…La Recoltante Sinistre?)thanks Cynthia – it is a good feeling knowing there’s at least one thing not likely to break down on stage.Just have to sew the van curtains, finish recording our new 45, and we’re off Adrian!

  4. halfpear

    That’s too funny–I’m packing my scythe for next week’s Drifter-oriented trip to New Orleans, although not for the band Visiting my lot in St. Bernard with it, since it needs threshing…

  5. Jim S

    Some folks call it a sling blade… Used to see chain gangs in rural Arkansas using them to cut the grass along the side state highways.

  6. amy

    The sound of Saturday morning, when I was growing up Rosie! something soothing about it (but unnecessary probably)ha ha Peter, I’m wondering how you’re going to check that thing on the plane? Much love to you and all the Drifters, wish we could be there!Sling blade – I’d forgotten that Jim. Funny, thought for sure I saw you on the street in Bilbao the other day…

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