Looking For The Sun

As gorgeous as it is around here with the wisteria just coming in, I can’t seem to get warm. It’s lucky we’re heading to Spain next week for some shows.

There won’t be a porcine addition to the entourage, as far as I know, but we do have the ambulance all togged up and ready to be camped in – up to a point. I’ll never give up my love of good hotels, never! Maid service, cute little toiletries and clean linens on demand are part of the reason I can still be doing this after so many years. (But if the hotels in Spain are anything like a lot of the ones we run across in France and the UK, the camping car will come in very handy).

If you know anyone south of the Pyrenees, here’s where we’ll be:

Wed. Apr. 22 La Lata de Bombillas Zaragoza
Thu. Apr. 23 venue tba Bilbao
Fri. Apr. 24 CulturaPop Festival Madrid
Sat. Apr. 25 CulturaPop Festival Madrid
Sun. Apr. 26 CulturaPop Festival Madrid
Wed. Apr. 29 Teatro Cervantes Valencia
Thu. Apr. 30 Groove Tarragona

Note how a show in only one week is still venue to be announced – if it was anywhere else I’d be kind of freaked out. But I’m ready to embrace the Spanish way of doing things.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

4 thoughts on “Looking For The Sun

  1. a

    If you get time and you haven’t been already,go to the Prado in Madrid. And Guernica is just round the corner in the Museum of Modern Art…

  2. amy

    In the words of Three Dog Night, I’ve never been to Spain, Adrian! So I will absolutely try to get to these museums in Madrid.

  3. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

    olé! the pensiones I’ve stayed at in Spain were probably the same size as the new rig … so I wouldn’t be TOO concerned. Just in case, maybe I should bring you some mini-soaps and shampoos that I’ve saved from my travles?! 😛

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