She Bangs (Again)

I had a vision for how it would be. It seemed like a good time for such a bold step, what with starting a new decade and everything. I knew if I was strong, I could get…there. The other side. The land of the un-banged.

I held on for weeks, even when I desperately wanted to cut. I’d catch sight of myself in a mirror and say “I can do this.” I’d see women on buses, on the street, in restaurants. If they were doing it, so could I. I would show my forehead. I would grow out my bangs.

I was learning a new way of looking, and being looked at, that didn’t involve peeping and hiding, ducking and tossing. I felt clear-eyed. Exposed. Brave.

But this morning, I was weak. I saw the silver gleam of the barber shears, there in the shadows of the bathroom cabinet. And I caved.

Oh my God, I feel so much better. I feel like I can get on with my life.

7 thoughts on “She Bangs (Again)

  1. Rosie

    I always say, why show your wrinkles when you can keep them safe and happy behind a fringe…Being english I’m afraid she bangs has quite a different meaning for me…you had better ask eric, it is too indelicate to spell out….

  2. amy

    yours, mine, our collective wrinkles Rosie! I was thinking full disclosure was the way to go but on second thought I’m all for hiding everything. On to wigs and turbans next!”Bangs” does sound rude (and remember that silly Ricky Martin song?), but I can’t get used to calling it fringe

  3. Andy Boller

    i had thought “bangs” only as a verb relating to either making noise or sexually– as yea, even in Ohio growing up in the 50’s/ 60’s, banging meant having sex –The expression “gang bang” etc — Sorry if writing that is indelicate— ergo i was totally thrown first read through– i thought it was about self mutilation of some sort as i knew it wasn’t about something else!Maybe i am slow, but it took a minute to realize it was about hair. Bangs are cute on any age woman– i have been watching lots of old mid 60’s videos lately and certain younger males had the most androgynous bang looks (think Brian Jones— or even look at some Byrds videos– yikes– like they all had processes to make them perfect, then glued ’em down to keep every hair in place) i think you are OK in “banging” — just have to see the recent “bang look” but you are the Mod Housewife for crying out loud, don’t you have to maintain an image?and as for conversations, people say weird crap everywhere i have gone — depends on my ability with their languages but French are no exception — the biggest difference is volume level — Americans are just louder. But the content can be just as odd to overhear–

  4. amy

    Well Andy, there have been times when a vow of celibacy would have been the way forward but now is not one of those times. And yes, I’ve loved the look on males and females of the 60’s (though women can hang onto it much longer…can you imagine if Brian Jones was still around? he’d have moved on to another look by now, whereas since women have more artifice available, it’s a bold move to not use all the help you can get – but then it just looks like you’ve let yourself go.) Anyway, maybe the “Mod Housewife” idea is from another lifetime and there are times when we need to reinvent ourselves…but for me it’ll have to be through some means other than hair? (adds “upspeak” at end of sentence, as way to indicate she’s not sure about it all)

  5. Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

    I guess I qualify for the *clinging to her lost youth* class since my newest coiffure, upon arriving in France, involves those assymetrical bangs which are super short on one side, progressing to longer on the other.fuck’em if they can’t take a joke. I love’em. and I’m sure your bangs are tres chouette aussi. down with ageism! (lol)(sorry I couldn’t make it this week-end, lots going on … but can we do a lunch or something? come to Brantome, I’ll show you my digs and even feed you! give us a ring or an email)

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