Ever Hopeful

“After a long wait, your golden year has arrived, dear Aquarius! On January 5, Jupiter will enter Aquarius and crown you the celestial favorite, a title you have not held since 1997. What lies before you is a glorious year of good fortune. You will have good health, support from VIPs, a real shot at finding true love if you’re single, and an opportunity to grasp your dream goal. We only get approximately seven of these magnificent years in a lifetime, and 2009 will be one of those shining years for you.”
Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone

I know it’s only astrology but I want this to be true.

In a few weeks I turn fifty. I’m alternately excited and walking around in panic and disbelief. Will anything change? I’m hoping for epiphany but I’ll take…acceptance.

18 thoughts on “Ever Hopeful

  1. Wornoutmorgan

    Well, I can’t leave your post sitting here with some sort of weird spam as the only reply. I’m looking down the barrel of the same thing, and I take heart that around here, the 80 year old men get around together and get up to mischief like bloody schoolboys, and Sue’s friend, who has hit her 90’s I think and gone a little uncommon in the head, is perfectly happy and refuses to eat anything except champagne and chocolate. With examples like those, I have no fear of old age at all.

  2. Dick

    We make our own luck and your accounts of 2008’s music making (plus the CD reviews that I’ve read in Mojo and The Word) indicate that you’re not doing too badly already! I wish you what you want for yourselves and will follow events with interest.

  3. amy

    Damn, Anthony – you mean that’s spam? Glad to know you’re still out there by the way. And thanks, chocolates and champagne sound like the way to get through another…er, 40 years.Happy birthday Robbie, I knew there was something extra special about you.And you too Lianne!Dick you’re right, it’s important to appreciate where we’re at/what we’ve accomplished. Definitely.I can’t wait to read what you come up with TBNIL.

  4. The Hound

    this is from Nick Tosches’ blog: The Year of the Oxby Nick ToschesWelcome to Old Nick’s astrology and economics class. Please be seated. If you’re a broad, hike your skirt a little.With the new moon of January 26, the true, lunar beginning of the new year—Chinese New Year—we enter the Year of the Ox, which traditionally augurs prosperity, fortitude, and hard work. Of course, this is all jive, but now that the United States is two trillion dollars in the hole to China, it makes for fitting sign-posts.Last year, the Year of the Rat, was, again according to ancient tradition, a year of good fortune. Those of us who are still breathing are the recipients of that good fortune. As for the prosperity that the Year of the Ox promises, this too will be measured in breath alone. As for the fortitude, that is a blessing shared by all who possess breath. As for hard work, we must now more than ever heed the great title of Courtenay Terrett’s 1930 book, Only Saps Work. For—mark my words—by the full moon of May 9, the game will be over.Capitalism and the United States are dead. Only the obituary remains to be published. The mint no longer even needs to print untold dollars at will. The government simply wires vast, meaningless amounts—digital figures representing nothing, backed by nothing—here and there to “bail out” and “shore up” and “strengthen the economy.” But there is no economy. It is as dead and gone as Kelsey’s nuts. And, after a short-lived period of hope and delusion in the early part of this year, the bottom of the big lie will finally fall out. The ruling class speaks of “loosening and increasing the availability of credit.” Credit equals debt. But the entitled aristocracy that rules us through what is called government will never make mention of the desire to increase debt—our debt—or of the fact that increased and out-of-control debt is the only way that the few can once again prosper from the work and demise of the many.So get ready, it’s coming. When rough winds do shake the darling buds of May beneath the full moon of that month, the truth will set you free, or vanquish you. Savor every moment until then, and beyond then, and never lose your sense of humor, for it is becoming more obvious every day, even to the most benighted among us, that health and laughter are really the only currency we can hope to have.That said, here’s to a healthy, happy new year, as the world goes to hell around us. And to a beautiful and glorious spring. See you there, see you then.I know that was a bit long but something to think about, happy birthday…the Hound

  5. Wardens World

    This is my last pre-50 year (I turn 49 in April) and like you I am not looking forward to it. However, making it to half a century does count as some kind of accomplishment, if survival can be called an accomplishment.By the way, do you remember opening up for Graham Parker and the Figgs in October of 1996, I believe at a small club called Trampps? Also saw your hubby Wreckless Eric at a small punk club called Hurrah’s at or around 1979. They gave away his Whole Wide World album that night, but that wasn’t the only reason for it being one of the best shows of that or any era. I guess I’m getting old enough to the point where memories and nostalgia are exerting a strong pull in my direction!Nice blog…

  6. KudzuCarl

    Passing 50 is just a way point on the road to the rest of your life. Once it’s in the rear view mirror, you’ll realize that it was no different than passing 40 or 30. And look at all the great life experiences since then! As for those who say that it marks the entrance to “middle age” — how many 100 year olds do you know?

  7. amy

    I can see it Rosie, it’s like entrance to a special club. Getting very positive about it all now! Hound that is incredible – is Nick Tosches not one of the best writers ever? I hadn’t caught up with his blog but I have to.Thanks Kim, another excuse to put off growing up for… at least another decade?Carl remember being a kid and the difference between say, 12 and 15? It all keeps folding together much quicker…maybe people slow down as they get older to keep time from disappearing completely. (sigh…getting all metaphysical and shit)TSL after that Pere Ubu video I had to become a regular reader! thanks.

  8. amy

    And yes Warden, guilty as charged. Though to my eyes that particular Tramps was huge! (compared to the little one back on 15th St?)

  9. Steve Simmons

    I’m half-way through the 50s, and so far it’s pretty cool. Just recently the whole grandfather thing has happened, and that’s immensely cool – all the good parts of babies, with someone you can hand them off too for diapering. Plus they go home on pretty much a nightly basis, so there’s plenty of time for other stuff. So have another glass of wine and look forward to a good decade.

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