Eric and I are in Lancashire at the moment, nestled in a cozy little cottage on an organic farm, having a day off! We’re in the middle of this UK tour, having played outside Manchester last night and Glasgow and Edinburgh the previous days. Amazingly this rustic place has wireless. When I got on my computer just now I counted over 40 different wireless access locations from the last 2 months. Is it any wonder I don’t know where I am half the time?

I voted last month when we were in America and have been so enmeshed in our little touring world and all its logistics, exhaustion, joys and frustrations that I barely registered how huge this moment was until Nov. 5. Now I can’t stop thinking `bout Barack. I look at the pictures of him and well up. I don’t think I really believed anything like this could happen, or how much it would mean.

It’s not often I wish I could go back in time but if I could rewind to the evening of Nov. 4, I think this is where I would have liked to be.

4 thoughts on “Rewind

  1. Rosie

    What a great review.I felt as though I was there watching Dylan too. I expect I will be able to think and talk about Obama without getting emotional soon…but not quite yet.

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