There Were These Two Cows…

I know we made it back to France because today we saw two cows standing in a line looking into a farmhouse window, and we laughed. Hysterically.

We came back to no internet, so I have to type this at the library, on a French keyboard. I’m walking with a limp from dropping a guitar case on my foot over two weeks ago. I think it’ll get better now that I have a chance to rest a little.

The pizza van comes to our village tonight, and we picked up a lot of new DVDs in the US.

My brain’s not working too well, so for now I’ll just say it’s good to be home.

6 thoughts on “There Were These Two Cows…

  1. amy

    I’ll try to come up with something not too disappointing, Rosie! I know I do have some decent photos somewhere…Don’t worry about the foot Norma, it’s definitely getting better. But is it coincidence that the one bit of violence I inflicted on myself happened in Canada of all places?Kim I hope we’ll see you soon.And TBNIL catching up with your blog is something else I look forward to – I missed your tales!

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