Show People

Typical of show people, we’re doing our act in New Haven tonight before hitting New York City tomorrow, Friday Oct. 10. There’s a portable antique nightclub set up in lower Manhattan for the months of September and October, the Spiegeltent, and we’ll be doing a set there as part of my brother Michael’s Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. revue. The whole thing starts at 8 PM.

I hope we can find time to get to a dry cleaners between now and then. It’s bound to be a pretty sophisticated crowd.

4 thoughts on “Show People

  1. Deborah

    Unfortunately, Amy, I have been stuck at home with a dog with bladder stones…just more proof that the diaper stage is never behind… and always ahead…OY. As we say in my culture.

  2. Non, Je ne regrette rien

    coucou-been following the trail, sounds like you’ve had a good tour. I don’t take my trip to the states until Dec 3 so maybe we can have a coffee or? when you get back … or upon my return in January…safe travels in merry ole …

  3. amy

    Rosie it would have been swell to have you there – you would’ve had a laugh at the sounds of thumping bass and strains of “The Stripper” theme blaring from the neighboring tent…hell it was as odd and unorganized as being in France!sorry we didn’t see you on this trip Deb, good luck with everything and see you next time?hi Kim, it would be great to meet up when we get back home…we are so ready to get back there.

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