Band On The Run

My identity was stolen out west, we spent more than we made there, and now the IRS wants to see me (see above…as Eric says, “Bad enough to be a loser without having to prove it”). We flew from L.A. to Cleveland and then rented a vehicle, picked up some equipment from my storage space, and drove halfway back across the country to Kansas City. Which is where we are now, about to drive to St. Louis.

But it’s all in a day’s work for a band on the run. Here are a few photos from the Seattle. Somewhere along the way I’ll write again…

The city welcomes us

Wait, here’s the right photo.

Does it get any better than this?

Some freeloaders arrive to take advantage of our rider.

Wagons ho! How many miles does this thing get to the gallon?

7 thoughts on “Band On The Run

  1. Rosie

    courage Amy, every tour has its dodgy moments. Just to console you with the misery of others, my daughter had her handbag stolen this weekend with all our house keys and my visiting cards in it…oh and an expensive mp3 player…oh and the keys to the scooter…oh and my son has lost the spare…

  2. Mr. S

    Oh dear, hope you left nothing more regrettable than your heart in San Francisco. I worried that you were not enjoying us, what with the unusual heat. Will the visage of the bowling pin be appearing here, or at Eric’s site?

  3. travelling, but not in love

    Looks like you’re having a blast…I remember St Louis. That’s where I got real drunk on a riverboat casino and woke up surrounded by poor people who’d just gambled away their benefits cheques. And who were real badly dressed.It still haunts me, that image.

  4. Dick

    Meanwhile, back in Eric’s blighty, you have a fine track on the mix-tape CD that comes with indispensable mag The Word. Hopefully that will stir up some dust for you over here.Good travelling!

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