I had a dream the other night and it wasn’t so much what happened in the dream that was disturbing. It was the realization that the me who was in the dream was thinking “and I’ll put this in the blog later.”

I go around and around with whether to keep writing here. Sometimes it’s enjoyable, having a little structure and a few friends and strangers who check in and who I like to check in on. Sometimes it’s more like torture – wondering what’s it all for, thinking I should be accomplishing things instead of reaching for the quick fix. Sometimes it feels like excellent writing practice and some kind of discipline, and other times it feels like the very opposite of that.

I started writing online in 1999, a tour diary that I updated a few times a year. I would pour myself into those entries, spend hours on each one. I kind of missed the whole blogging thing when it started, maybe because I had little or no internet connection. I barely wrote my diary for a year or two due to the fact that there was not much going on in my life that I was willing to share with the very small part of the world that might be interested.

And then when I got back online a few years ago, I saw there was this whole world of parent blogs. In one way I wished they would’ve been around when my daughter was young, but at the same time I wondered if I’d have written notebooks and cassettes and albums worth of songs, if I’d had such easy access to sharing with people. And then when I got to France I found the expat blog world. I believe it’s been a really helpful thing for me. Who wants to hear “Song Cycle From A Cow Pasture” or “Size 44 Ain’t As Big As It Sounds”, anyway? I’ve loved seeing how other people cope and adapt to their new lives in France.

I go back and forth between thinking I should just accept that it’s part of my life and enjoy the sharing (didn’t I come up with all kinds of reasons to stop writing last summer, and didn’t I come back in, timidly waving “I’m still here” a few months later?)

On Sunday I was reading the NY Times online – oh how I miss being able to read the actual paper. I try to make do with the local Populaire which features scintillating news such as “three umbrellas were found in the cinema in Saint Junien last weekend” (that’s good, but did they ever find my gloves?) and got caught up in a Sunday Magazine article by this young woman, Emily Gould, and her trip down the rabbit hole of blogging. Though a lot of the choices she made in her personal and work life were just plain stupid (and the accompanying photos reinforce the false drama of the whole thing), I thought it was a good description of how the lines between living and blogging can get a little (or in her case, a whole lot) blurry.

But even more interesting than the article was the reaction of Times readers. People are so incensed that this woman’s story is not Times-worthy that the online version of the paper has taken the drastic step of shutting down the comments section.

It’s reassuring, somehow, that there are still huge numbers of people out there who use the internet but don’t blog, hate blogging, have no interest in it. It makes me feel like I could always step away. Life would go on, just like it did when I was traveling a week or two ago. But didn’t I find myself checking into a sleazy internet cafe to post, “just this once”? At the same time there are the people whose writing I enjoy reading. I love checking in on what they’re up to. There’s something reassuring in thinking maybe I’m that, for someone else. Not for long with posts like this, probably. I wonder how other people do it. Write, I mean. Without feeling conflicted.

6 thoughts on “Conflicted

  1. kjfalk

    As a long-time fan and recent blog “lurker”, I say, keep up the blogging! While it is important to keep track of what you do with your time (like, um, what am I doing here when I should be finishing up my work for the night?) and safeguarding privacy can be an issue, there are many good things about blogging. In your case, it can attract people to your website since there’s always something new, so there’s even a business reason :-)Seriously, did Samuel Pepys beat himself up for spending too much time on his diaries? (Maybe he did.) Anyway, here’s one reader hoping you keep it up (and keep producing great music too)

  2. amy

    Mr/Ms Falk, you hit the nail on the head – it’s not blogging that’s the problem, it’s my lame time management skills! (cue “new regime” that allows me to set and accomplish many goals yet leaves time for writing/reading online) – and thanks.I’ll have to visit Salon Norma, only after I’ve accomplished all of the days’ tasks…

  3. Rosie

    yes I read gould’s article. I think there is a big difference between artists like you who blog and publicity grabbing self seekers who blog for their personal vanity…although there may be a long curve with all of us on it somewhere! Bloggers are just people after all….There are some nice ones and some that you wouldnt want to get stuck in a cab with…I feel guilty about blogging too, since it is usually at the expense of something creative, but hey, I live in a country where no one speaks English…where else am I going to have conversations in my own language?

  4. brian

    Amy:Just wanted to throw in my support for your blogging habit. I don’t do blogging as such but I have jumped into the forums on imdb periodically, when I feel I can actually contribute something interesting on a particular film. However, writing about my own life is sometimes not very thrilling. Sometimes it’s just a problem of seeing what’s thrilling in my life, focusing on it and highlighting it. I for one find your entries quite well written and compelling and an example to follow. Your entries are just about as clever and interesting as your song lyrics. Keep going, please!

  5. Michele

    Amy,I’m just catching up on your posts. I really relate to this. I still am not sure why I blog. That’s why I am so spotty about it, I guess.But I do enjoy yours.

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