Somewhere Between Southsea and Brixton

I often bring my laptop along on tour, thinking sure, I’ll have time to write. But that’s pretty much never the case. Between driving at least a couple of hours every day, soundchecks that take two hours what with the loading in and setting up and getting everything to work, then the mad dash to find food/somewhere to change clothes & put on eyeliner then back to the venue to play for two hours, sell merchandise, talk to people, pack up/load the car and find the hotel (though with the GPS we’ve managed to gain an hour or two that used to be reserved for driving around lost) there’s only time left for watching whatever must-see movie is available at three in the morning. Then it’s sleep until five minutes before the “full English breakfast” shuts down, pack up the car, spend an hour finding some decent coffee and un-disgusting food to eat, and then it starts all over again.

Oh no, it’s time to get back in the car.

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