Jet Lag

It’s hitting me now.

Number of countries: 4
Flights: 8
Rail systems: 5

Guest beds slept in: 5
Hotel beds: 2
Couches: 3
Air mattresses: 1

New movies seen: 4
Michael Clayton (not so new but…)
The Savages
There Will Be Blood

Friends met up with: 17 (approx.)

(My friend Kit Keith, a wonderful painter)

Family members visited: 8
Concerts: 2 (My brother Michael’s Sit & Die Co. & John Prine)

(Michael & the boys at Otto’s, 14th St. NYC w/guest Baby Maria)

Museum exhibits: 4

(New York Public Library’s Kerouac exhibit)

Miles travelled: several thousand

(Hazel’s lovely roommate Libby in the rearview)

Daughters I could convince to stay in school this semester: 0

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