Back To Bl*****

Maybe I’m weak, or impulsive. Or just too “busy” (read lazy) to be formatting and archiving each post. Could it be I miss the camaraderie of the comment-go-round? For any or all of these reasons, I’m back to here.

(Cue the sound of one person clapping, and a cough.)

5 thoughts on “Back To Bl*****

  1. Anonymous

    i post to my small but silent Wreckless Eric email group everytime you update. funny – i posted there last week about the general silence and the “sound of one hand clapping”. we appreciate you Amy and hope to see you soon in the states.Bob

  2. amy

    Thanks, guys, for finding me again! As for Ireland, remember what happened last time I was there? only kidding, I do look forward to touring again soon.

  3. kink kong

    well amy, it’s as much a treat to read you as eric’s !there are people out there as hooked as me on his hilarious and sharp comments on his songs and the music world in general !take care and see you both again by the seaside for a swim and a postcard !frenchieP.S. i hope the album is cruising fine… with beach boys harmonies an’all! well maybe not quite…

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